Palm OS, Treo iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Pocket PC, Windows Mobile

NeoCal is designed to work just like a real calculator, only better. The intuitive keyboard design provides efficient access to all calculator functions without having to access menus or lists of functions. The large 12-digit display includes thousands separators and shows labels for calculated and stored results. Backspace, Undo, and Redo make correcting mistakes simple.

NeoCal is highly customizable to work the way you do. Enable the Precedence option to reduce entering parenthesis, or enable the RPN option to eliminate them completely. Enable the multi-line display option to see both the current and imtermediate results. Choose your own theme for better readability.

NeoCal is a mature product that has been on the market for more than ten years. It has been continually enhanced by suggestions from the user community, making it an even more effective and user-friendly tool.